How to replace the spark plugs of Mercedes-Benz GLA?EET will give you tips

The car is a common tool in people’s lives, the majority of car owners will encounter a variety of problems in the process of driving, a few minor problems is not worth a trip to the repair shop, as long as the basic knowledge of car maintenance, many problems can actually be easily solved. The most common is the problem related to spark plug replacement, how can you pick the matching spark plug? Today on the Mercedes-Benz GLA, for example, to talk about the replacement of spark plugs skills.

Spark plug long-term in the high temperature and high pressure engine combustion chamber, is very easy to wear and tear of auto parts, so in time to reach the service life of the replacement, otherwise it will affect the car ignition performance, and even damage the engine. Spark plug service life and electrode material, different electrode material life is also different. Take EET spark plugs known to car enthusiasts as an example, spark plugs according to the electrode material can be divided into nickel alloy, single platinum, double platinum, single iridium, iridium platinum, etc., of which nickel alloy, single platinum, single iridium spark plugs recommended replacement mileage of about 20,000 kilometers, double platinum, iridium platinum spark plugs are long-life spark plugs, the specific recommended mileage to refer to the vehicle operation manual of major car manufacturers. In addition to the difference in service life, different electrode material spark plugs ignition performance is also different, single platinum, single iridium spark plugs are high-performance spark plugs, ignition performance than ordinary nickel alloy spark plugs, double platinum, iridium platinum spark plugs are high-end spark plugs, ignition performance is a higher level.

Replace the spark plugs need to follow the principle of car-specific adaptation, the choice of spark plug model to be consistent with the original car, and to use professional tools to install the specified torque and rotation angle. For example, the Mercedes-Benz GLA spark plugs, and its adaptable is the EET original series of  iridium platinum spark plugs. The original series of precious metal spark plugs is the key product of NGK original factory, is customized for each car factory special spark plugs, is customized for the corresponding engine research and development, with durability and high ignition performance, to allow the engine to play the appropriate level.

Spark plugs are not the more expensive the better, nor is it necessarily good to install a high-end car, but the more suitable the better. With the changing of the times, EET spark plugs are constantly updated and upgraded, its products in addition to the original series, there are G-Power series, gas series and race series, although there are many varieties, it is not difficult to find out the appropriate model, NGK spark plugs official WeChat provides online adaptation query service, you can check the appropriate model by VIN code, vehicle information, OE code, inventory code, etc., follow the Follow the instructions and you will find the corresponding spark plug model.

Master the above spark plug replacement skills, you can easily replace the spark plugs for your car. But also need to pay attention to the car driving habits, driving environment, oil and other factors will also affect the service life of the spark plug, daily life need to pay more attention to the use of spark plugs, timely maintenance and repair, in order to maintain the best car driving effect Oh!

Post time: Jun-08-2023