Generator Spark Plug

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● This plug is the optimum design for direct fuel injection engines.
● By joining an ultra -fine iridium alloy tip on center electrode and platinum tip on ground electrode.
● with this new supplementary gap.Resistance to fouling is improved.

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Generator Spark Plug

0.7 mm diameter untra-fine iridium alloy electrode make ignitability and life have a dramatically improved.
● The structure reduce the voltage required for the positive discharges.
● Milleage drivability and durability are improved by using a finer center electrode with a platinum tip.

1 D14*L12.7*HEX 16
2 For chainsaw and generators

Ignitability That’s a Cut Above

With EET very own U-Groove ground electrode for better spark performance.

To increase ignitability, the important point is to let the flamekernel caused by the spark to grow to a large size. Normally, this can be accomplishing by widening the spark gap, however this causes spark voltage to increase, which has the opposite effect. IRIDIUM POWER uses DENSO very own U-Groove ground electrode to realize a superb ignitability while maintaining spark voltage at low levels.


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