American Model Spark Plug

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● Milleage drivability and durability are improved by using a finer center electrode with a platinum tip.
● The Needle-shaped ground electrode of this revolutionary iridium plug are EET features technology.
● Platnium is used for both the center and ground electrodes.

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American Model Spark Plug

● By joining an ultra -fine iridium alloy tip on center electrode and platinum tip on ground electrode.
● 0.7 mm diameter untra-fine iridium alloy electrode make ignitability and life have a dramatically improved.
● The center electrode is made finer for improved ignitability.

1 D14*L11.2*HEX 16
2 Use for GM.Ford
3 ITF16/ITF20/ITF22/ITF24/ITF27




Fine Diamater Ultra-fineIridium Alloy Center Electrode
Platinum-tipped Ground Electrode
The ground electrode has a platinum tip, from DENSO’s experience with platinum plugs. This greatly moderates electrode wear and insures high durability.
High Strength Insulator
Using a high strength ceramic insulator for LPG engines improves strength by 20% over conventional insulators.

Excellent Durability

Realizing astounding life and durability with platinum ground electrodes.

By welding a platinum tip to the ground electrode, wear has been controlled to a significant extent in the IRIDIUM PLUS. In addition to acceleration performance, the life and durability of this plug has been increased to that of a platinum plug.


Improved Acceleration

Through steady ignitability, acceleration performance is greatly improved.

IRIDIUM PLUS, through its fine diameter iridium center electrode, has realized high ignition performance and low spark voltage at levels heretofore unseen. Because of this, there is less non-firing under high spark voltage conditions and fewer misfires under conditions where ignition is difficult, permitting operation with a high level of response under a variety of conditions. As a result, acceleration has been improved.

Improved Mileage

Less fuel consumption with a fine diameter center electrode.

Even during idling, when it is easy for ignition to degrade, IRIDIUM PLUS reduces mis-sparking and stabilizes idling speed. This results in a quieter engine and improved fuel consumption.


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