Standard Reach Iridium Spark Plug

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● The center electrode is made finer for improved ignitability.
● with this new supplementary gap.Resistance to fouling is improved.
● The Needle-shaped ground electrode of this revolutionary iridium plug are EET features technology.

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Standard Reach Iridium Spark Plug

By joining an ultra -fine iridium alloy tip on center electrode and platinum tip on ground electrode.
● Milleage drivability and durability are improved by using a finer center electrode with a platinum tip.
● The structure reduce the voltage required for the positive discharges.

1 D14*L19*HEX 16
2 Super Ignition Spark plug
3 Mazda
4 SK20R11


EET has started to sell IRIDIUM TT spark plugs having a φ0.4 mm iridium alloy center electrode and a 0.7 mm needle-type platinum alloy ground electrode.

The quenching effect has been decreased by forming the electrode into a double needle shape. As a result, the flame kernel rapidly develops and the engine’s power is drawn out to its maximum potential.


Built-in, Highly Reliable Resistor
All specification types include an embedded, highly reliable, monolithic resistor to eliminate electoromagnetic noise interference from all kinds of electronic devices.
360° Laser Welding
The iridium tip is mounted with an “All-around Laser Welding” method that insures high reliability even under the most severe driving conditions.
φ0.7mm Needle-Shaped Platinum Ground Electrode
In order to maximally prevent quenching effect, the ground electrode needs to be made as small as possible. Traditional ground electrodes could not be made too small without reducing groundig strength or increasing electrode wear.
However, we’ve managed to attach a fine 0.7mm-diameter platinum electrode using a 360° laser welding technique.
φ0.4mm Ultra-fine Iridium Center Electrode
Using EET exclusive iridium alloy having a very high melting point, the tip of the center electrode can be shaped very thin and fine, reducing spark voltage requirements and greatly improving ignitability.

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