EET And LJK Spark Plug Products Are Unique.

Auto Show, and I am very honored that Ms. Yang Wenqin, deputy general manager of Ningbo Delco Spark Plug Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can take the time to accept an exclusive interview with the auto parts circle. What is the basic situation of the company?

Yang Wenqin: Ningbo Delco Spark Plug Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional manufacturer of spark plugs, registered trademark LJK.EET. The company mainly produces R&D cars, various types of resistance on motorcycles, multi-tips. Platinum,Iridium spark plug. The founder of the company, Lu Kejun, discovered a relatively unique formula with his own forward-looking vision, and devoted himself to researching for more than 20 years before he achieved the Delco spark plug today.

The company has the most “advanced equipment” and “Japan cold seal process” to produce high quality spark plugs. The products are from ceramic to shell and all core parts of powder seal. All materials are produced by ourselves. Strict quality control, the current Delco spark plug products have been selling for more than 20 years, for the well-known domestic and foreign OE brand, and host supporting, become the preferred supplier of more than 100 customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Auto Parts Circle: What kind of new products did Delco bring to this exhibition?

Yang Wenqin: The products displayed at this exhibition are basically our unique formula products, such as the turbo type, which has 7 years of mature experience in the market. Now, in addition to some well-known foreign brands, Domestic brands are not beyond.

Automata: How does Delco make progress in product technology and company teams?

Yang Wenqin: We plan to strengthen the team and make some adjustments and changes from the dealer’s point of view. At the same time as the technology is upgraded, the service needs to be further improved.

Auto Parts Circle: What impact does the Sino-US trade war have on Delco this year?

Yang Wenqin: It is not very big for us. The quality of EET products is relatively stable and reliable, with a certain amount of demand, and the customers are still willing to accept the appropriate adjustments in price.

At present, the company has advanced automated production equipment and a complete ERP management system. Passed TS16949, 1SO9001 certification. The core material insulator of our company adopts isostatic pressing ceramics, which has the advantages of high density, high strength and good insulation. The metal parts are machined from a fully automatic CNC machine with precise dimensions. The core sheet metal welding technology adopts Japan’s advanced automatic 360 degree seamless welding process, and the product not only has beautiful appearance, but also superior ignition performance and high fuel efficiency. In view of this, long-term customers are convinced of Delco spark plug products.

Auto Parts Circle: In 2019, did Delco have an innovative plan for model, technology, marketing, etc?

Yang Wenqin: In 2019, these aspects are planned and innovative. As customers and consumers change their product demands, we must constantly improve the quality and performance of our products. In addition, new products will be promoted next year, and teams will be sent to quality dealers to do some service support. In 2019, the competition in the automotive aftermarket will be more intense. Enterprises must constantly adjust and improve their products, technologies and services to achieve a firm foothold.

In 2019, our goal is to further increase the output value and negotiate cooperation with some enterprises of a certain scale. In addition, in the past year, the supply chain and franchise chain have become the market development trend, and Delco will also consider whether to join it.

Auto Parts Circle: This year, Jingdong and Ali entered the automotive aftermarket, causing a sensation in the industry. What do you think of this? What changes have been made to the spark plug industry?

Yang Wenqin: I think it is a good thing for the national brand, because many big brands are now big brands that consumers perference, there is no after-sale guarantee, and the price is very high. However, if there is a reliable and affordable brand in the country, consumers will definitely choose. Therefore, Delco chose to enter the domestic market in the past two years, aiming at the recognition of national brands.

Post time: Apr-15-2020