What is Double platinum Spark Plug?

Double platinum Spark Plug is a spark plug with both center and side electrodes welded with platinum alloy, the average life of double platinum spark plug can reach 160,000 km.

spark plug

Often heard of ordinary fire nozzle, platinum fire nozzle, iridium fire nozzle, in fact, this is the spark plug electrode material is different and distinguished from the special call. General car’s original spark plug, its electrode material made of nickel-manganese alloy (that is, ordinary fire nozzle), they are generally in the driving 10,000 km or 1 year after the inspection or replacement. While platinum spark plugs can achieve 100,000 kilometers without inspection and replacement, and the recent emergence of iridium metal spark plugs can also reach such a level.

Platinum, iridium spark plugs are more expensive, because after all, they are rare metals, and in fact, they are very little, only in the two electrodes on the tip of the welding of a small dots, but do not underestimate so little, because of this rare metal makes the spark plugs become very durable. Iridium material has a higher melting point than platinum, so it is more suitable for high performance engines for a long time, high speed conditions. In addition, the chemical properties are more stable is the nature of rare metals, so platinum and iridium in the very high speed of high temperature, high pressure, can still provide punctual, powerful spark.

Post time: May-10-2023