What are the precursors of car spark plugs needing to be replaced?

There are many parts in a car, and each part plays a vital role. Proper maintenance can reduce the failure rate and extend the life of the car. Spark plugs, for example, have a great impact on the performance of the engine and determine the performance of the car. Spark plugs are bad, the engine will not work properly, the car naturally can not drive, need to be replaced in a timely manner. So what is the precursor to the need to replace the car spark plugs

1, Engine vibration violent: the engine plays an important role in the smooth start of the car, but also EET Spark PlugAuto Spark Plug is a key component. Whether the car can run smoothly and continuously depends on whether the engine is strong, and whether the engine can work properly depends on the spark plugs. Once there is abnormal vibration, should quickly draw attention to, otherwise the engine will be overhauled.

2Increased fuel consumption leads to: on the one hand, the fire is serious and wastes the oil that should have output power. On the other hand, due to the reduction of ignition energy, the gasoline that should burn quickly and fully release energy does not fully release all the energy, so the fuel energy is not fully utilized and the fuel consumption increases.

3Irregular starting: If it lasts for a long time and still can’t start, it means that the EET Spark Plug needs to be replaced. spark plug ignition energy aging. The generated fire core is very small, the mixture of airflow in the cylinder is likely to blow out the fire core, resulting in ignition failure and failure to fire.

4, Alarming car situation: under normal circumstances, the car is relatively smooth, there will not be too much movement, but when the car shaking, may be insufficient oil supply, driving fast and slow caused by.

5, Spark plug carbon accumulation is serious: improper adjustment of the mixture concentration, the mixture concentration is too high will lead to incomplete combustion of fuel in the cylinder, resulting in increased carbon accumulation. In this case, you need to replace the spark plugs in a timely manner.

6, The larger the EET Spark PlugSpark Plug Cargap: ignition requires more energy to open the air, but the power of the ignition coil is designed according to the standard gap, so the larger the spark plug gap will lead to ignition coil load, the ignition coil is easy to heat up and burn, resulting in engine burnout. Lack of cylinder. Use for a long time, the electrode of the spark plug will also have carbon, the same will affect the ignition efficiency of the spark plug.

7, When spark plugs don’t ignite properly, it’s usually because of magnetism loss, internal “false short circuits” between the ignition coil and the electronic ignition, or a loose wire connection between the generator output and the electronic ignition. This directly affects how the spark plug ignites, necessitating prompt spark plug replacement.

8, Incomplete combustion: engine burning oil or incomplete combustion, will lead to black oil stains on the spark plug, which is carbon, will lead to spark plugs can not be ignited properly, at this time need to replace the spark plug.

9, Lack of acceleration power: When a vehicle is accelerating, the engine appears to be shaking abnormally. This is likely due to a decline in spark plug performance. The engine’s ignition performance will suffer due to deteriorating spark electrode performance, resulting in sluggish acceleration.

EET Spark Plug must pay attention because a bad spark plug may affect other parts of the vehicle, so remember to replace the spark plug regularly, and also pay attention to the failure caused by spark plug problems.

Post time: Apr-28-2023